Dial-A-Ride Service

The City of Seal Beach provides free transportation through a city sponsored Dial-A-Ride bus service.  This is a door to door service for seniors 55 and older and is available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p. m.  Return trips must be completed by 5 p. m.


To schedule a pick up date and time, call (562) 439-3699


The Dial-A-Ride service can be used to ride to any destination within the City of Seal Beach.  The Dial-A-Ride service will also provide transportation to doctors and other medical appointments that are located up to three miles outside of the Seal Beach city limits.


Group pick-ups can be arraigned from a central location for parties up to 16 people for dining and other outings.



Do the monthly mutual (HOA) fees cover all utilities?

The monthly mutual fee (HOA) includes the water, trash and maintenance on the common areas.  It also includes maintenance on the Leisure World standard appliance inside of the unit.  If the homeowner replaces the appliances with non-standard appliances, then the new ones are not covered

Can The Monthly Mutual Fee Be Debited From My Checking Account?

Yes, shareholders have the option to pay their monthly assessments via direct debit from their checking account. Leisure World have a simple form to fill out and requires a blank voided check. The direct debit amount will be the amount of the monthly assessment only. If there are other charges to the shareholder’s account, such as a service maintenance invoice, those types of charges will need to be paid by check or cash.

Leisure World Inventory Report

In January Leisure World in Seal Beach had 112 units listed for sale.  At the end of July The active listing had doped to only 24 units  for sale.  During that same time period, the average sale price increased about $10,000 per month.  In August the downward trend reversed.  As of today, 68 units are listed for sale.  Each day, I am seeing more units come on the market.  They are still selling, but the increased inventory is causing the cheaper ones to sell faster.

Active, Pending and Sold Report

Active, Pending and Sold Report

1660 Glen View Road 78C Seal Beach, California

Just listed for $240,000 – 2 bedroom 1 bath, 1,100 square foot expanded unit.


Does Leisure World in Seal Beach have a Smoking Policy

Smoking is allowing except as follows:
  • Smoking is prohibited in the Amphitheater area, including the stage, restrooms and sound booth. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in all interior rooms of Clubhouses One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six, including auditoriums, stages, lobbies, lounges, hallways, rest rooms, kitchens, pool rooms, sewing rooms, card room, wood shops, lapidary, art and ceramic rooms, as well as locker storage areas.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the interior of the golf starters’ area, including restrooms and shower rooms.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the pool area.

Can Only One Spouse Buy A Unit And Use The Other Spouses Income To Qualify?

The good news is Yes You Can! Because California is a community property state, it is considered as joint income. Leisure World only requires that the purchasing spouse have some income (not the full qualifying amount). The non purchasing spouses income can make up the difference and (if they want) can live in the unit as a “Non-Owner Co-Occupant.

Leisure World in Seal Beach has changed to a Sellers Market!

The number of units listed for sale as taken a sharp decline.  On January 1, 2013 the total number of units listed for sale was 112.  As of March 3, 2013 only 65 units were listed for sale.

The 65 units breakdown as follows:

15 – 1 bedrooms

33 – 2 bedrooms and 1 bath

15 – 2 bedrooms and 2 baths

This is great news for those who currently own units.  All indications are that we are heading into a sellers market.

Leisure World in Seal Beach Inventory Report

2013 Looks like it will be a great year for sellers. The standing inventory of units for sale has been come down and buyers interest has inceased. If this continues we could see sales prices increase.Feb APS-page-0